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Pizza Partners

How It Works

When you register for a free Abeetz account you’ll automatically earn 25 Pizza Points to spend today as our small way of saying thanks for being a part of the Abeetz familia! Our members enjoy great perks like earning extra Pizza Points you can spend in the Abeetz Market.  Some of the easiest ways to earn more points are Daily Site Visits, Discovering New Pizzeria Listings, Discovering New Products, Referring Friends & Family, Leaving Comments & Reviews.  

The more you participate on Abeetz, the more you’ll earn with us.  You’ll be scoring discounts on quality products and small-batch pizza related items in no time! It’s a great way to save while trying out and supporting new brands.


Join Our Affiliate Program

Abeetz has a great selection small-batch indie pizza lover items that’s growing everyday.  Sign up and simply place unique tracking links on your site, in email newsletters, on media networks or anywhere else you think someone might want to buy tasty pizza lover related items.

Our program includes:

  • – 5% commissions on all Abeetz Market sales 
  • – Dedicated program support
  • – Periodic newsletters featuring new creative and marketing tips
  • – Performance incentives & bonuses
  • – $50 Flat commission on new restaurant service subscriptions

To get started, please click the button below to create a free account or login to your existing account. Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to tools like accurate reporting and tracking, customized creative requests and efficient payments. We look forward to working with you and your site!

There is no limit on how much you can earn nationwide.  Commissions are paid via PayPal monthly.  Apply now and start earning great commissions today!

Shop The Abeetz Market & Earn 5% Back

The Abeetz Market is packed with great pizza related merchandise and small batch products including some from local pizzerias and pizza trucks.  You’ll earn 5% back in Pizza Points on every thing you order from us.  Plus, the Abeetz Market is where you can spend the points you’ve earned.


Add Recipes & Earn 5 Pizza Points

Have a family heirloom tomato sauce or dough recipe?  Share them on Abeetz and Earn 10 Pizza Points for each complete recipe you add to our site.

  1. Search to make sure the exact recipe isn’t already posted.
  2. Include as many details and description as possible.
  3. Include a photo of the finished product.

Add Pizzeria Listings & Earn 50 Pizza Points

If you are detail oriented, this opportunity may be a great fit for you to earn some extra points.  There are dozens of pizzerias & pizza trucks in your area that need to be added to our directory.  You’ll earn 50 Pizza Points for each fully completed new listing you create.  There is no selling involved just an attention to detail by creating a new listing for each restaurant.

  1. Search our site to make sure the pizzeria isn’t already listed.
  2. Complete the required fields like Pizzeria Name, Address, Business Hours etc.
  3. Upload an exterior and interior photo.
  4. Upload the logo of the restaurant.
BONUS: Want to make serious commissions? Join our affiliates program and earn $50 when you refer a new business that subscribes to our Business Services. You could start by entering the listings then contact the pizzeria regarding our services.

All listings submitted must be reviewed and approved by Abeetz staff.

Add Deals or Coupons & Earn 5 Pizza Points

While the Abeetz Deals & Discount section is chockfull of great deals, we know we can’t find every deal (including local deals) that are out there. Here’s where you come in.  Get paid for each new and unique food related deal, discount or coupon you add to our site.  

  1. IT MUST BE PIZZA RELATED! We’re only accepting these kinds of deals.
  2. Search to make sure the deal isn’t already listed.
  3. Deals & discounts must be public offerings (meaning NO inside company employee deals or membership required deals).
  4. Complete the required fields.
  5. Add a photo of the item if available.

All discounts submitted must be reviewed and approved by Abeetz staff.

Social Posts & Reels Contests

Win points & prizes for something you’re more than likely already doing – posting meal photos to social media.  You don’t have to be an expert photographer, you just have to adhere to the contest rules.

All Instagram contest posts must contain the following;

  1. Follow us IG: @abeetz_ TikTok: @abeetz  Twitter: @abeetz_
  2. Tag us IG: @abeetz_ TikTok: @abeetz and the restaurant you’re visiting.
  3. Use the required hashtag
When registering for a Abeetz account, you’ll find a field to add your Instagram and/or TikTok username.  You can also edit your Abeetz profile to add it later.

Order Local Pizza & Earn 5 Pizza Points

Find local nearby pizza joints that are participating as a Abeetz merchant.  Place pick-up and to go orders with these special merchants and earn 5 Pizza Points back every time you order from the Abeetz platform.

  1. Make sure you’re logged in.
  2. Use the same email address you registered with us when placing your order.

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