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Start Taking Real Time Reservations.

Let customers request a table online in real time from our site & app and your site. Guest stay connected while you review the request and either accept or reject the booking. Works in conjunction with current booking software. Guests will also receive a email reminder the day of the reservation.  

It’s just $.99 per booking for Pro or $1.49 for Standard.

After placing a reservation request, the customer stays connected for several minutes, just enough time for you to review the date and time and confirm reservation.

No busy phone lines or misheard dates and times.  Just you and your staff, your customers and a simple interface that is easy for both parties to use.

This can easily be used in conjunction with your current reservation booking software you may already use.

Real time reservations

Accept or reject a

Can’t accept the reservation or completely booked?  Simply reject the reservation. In real-time the customer sees that there was a problem with the order and is presented with several possibilities along with your contact information.

Simply contact the customer to follow up and see if the reservation can be booked another way.

Get all your restaurant’s online reservation in one place with the Abeetz! Order taking app.

When a reservation is placed from your Abeetz! listing, the Abeetz! smartphone app, your own website, or Facebook page, you get it instantly delivered to your smartphone or tablet.

Receive & confirm reservations on a phone or tablet

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