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Order Taking Tablet Set Up


  1. Connect device to internet.
  2. Remove apps from the home screen – leaving calculator, settings, Chrome & Yoohoo Take Out shortcut. 
  3. Download and install items
  4. Settings > Security & location > Device security > Screen lock – turn off  —-  also turn off location
  5. Close all tabs and clear all history.
  6. Wipe down and pack up tablet.
  7. Include printed set up guide in box.


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Welcome to FullBelly

1. Plug in the tablet using the included charging cable and wall plug and place on included stand.

2. Press the single power button on the lower right side of tablet to wake it up, then
slide up from bottom of screen to go to the home screen. Place it on the included

3. Make sure the tablet ringer volume is turned up by clicking the top volume rocker 
on the right hand side of the tablet.
4. Connect to your WiFi Network; - Access the tablet settings by either sliding down menu from the top of the screen or clicking gear icon from the home screen.- Select "Network & Internet" - Select your WiFi network and enter the password (if required) to connect device to the internet. 5. From the home screen (click the Circle icon in bottom navigation bar) open the pre-installed FullBelly Vendor app located near the middle right hand side of the screen. 6. Log in with your FullBelly account credentials. 7. While in the app, click the 3 lines (hamburger menu) icon at the top left hand corner. 8. If you would like to use your Thermal printer to print out receipts or orders, please click the Thermal printer option under the app settings menu in the app and follow set up instructions. 9. To review how the system works and to check if everything has been set up correctly, from the app settings menu click "New test order" to have a sample order sent to your location. When a new order arrives you will have up to 3 minutes to accept or decline it. Once accepted, you can customize the approximate time order will be ready for pick-up. Customers will be updated in real time, including if the order was declined. You can simply call the customer to explain why the request was declined. Congratulations! You are now ready to start receiving real-time orders and reservations.


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